Why Building a Brisbane Home with Steel is Better

April 8, 2019

Brisbane’s residential construction industry is increasingly building and renovating homes using steel. Building with prefabricated steel is better for efficiency during the actual construction process and the long term benefits it provides homeowners. Benefits such as;

  • Long term durability
  • Termite proof
  • Better tolerance for withstanding any seismic events
  • More fireproof than wood frames (steel is non-combustible)

The benefits of building with steel for construction companies is great. For one the process is much faster with pre-fabricated steel, they come ready to assemble, and take less time. Hadings is a steel supplier Brisbane that we recommend for the construction industry who strive to offer good old fashioned customer service. They partner with a lot of domestic builders to take care of all their steel needs. Steel is a fantastic construction material and builders know its benefits.

Strong as Steel

Steel offers a much better durability rating than wood or concrete. Steel does not warp, crack or spilt. Steel withstands temperature changes and in Queensland’s climate, this is a great plus. Steel does not absorb moisture and is 8 times the tensile strength of concrete making it long lasting and strong. All of these factors make it a highly predictable building material and keeps building sites on schedule.

Wind Resistant

Buildings made with steel can withstand winds of over 300 kph, and steel is designed to bend with force as it deflects lateral forces down to the ground through its structure. A steel building can sway in extreme winds whereas other buildings may collapse.


Fire Resistant

Unlike wood, steel does not spread flames and is a non-combustible material. Steel can withstand much higher temperatures and there are new innovations in fire retardant coatings that can increase fire resistance even further. Being a non-combustible means steel is not a fuel for the fire and slows it down. And unlike wood steel does not release smoke, carbon dioxide or VOCS in a fire, making it safer to evacuate for people.

Long Lasting Building Material

  • Steel built homes will always have a longer guarantee than wood homes (in comparison two main building companies offer 7 years for wood frames and 50 years for steel framed homes).
  • If any steel is damaged only the damaged portion needs to be replaced.
  • Steel is weather resistant and in a hot climate like Brisbane and the Gold Coast last longer in the sun.

Steel by Design

Steel offers good design capabilities and versatility compared to other materials. Prefabricated steel can be used to create large open spaces. Steel beams have a high strength to weight ratio meaning less wall structure is required. For example, you can have a build span of up to 150 feet without additional beams, giving unobstructed sight lines and open space living. This is the reason you see large venues like indoor sports stadiums and shopping centres built with steel. Any decent steel company will have a steel fabrication service.

What Does it Cost to Build a Steel Framed Home?

Finding Steel supplies structural steel to domestic builders. The steel is already cut to size and makes less work and costs due to builders simply transporting and erecting – no need to cut the steel to size themselves. Steel fabrication techniques mean that steel can be supplied to spec and save builders time and money.

Steel is also much more lightweight to transport making getting from trusted steel supplier brisbane to the build site much easier. The lightweight also makes other building processes easier like erecting walls without the need for a crane.

Steel costs can be offset through all the long term benefits listed above and furthermore building a home with steel is often faster and less cumbersome for tradies.

Our team at  can advise on all the latest innovations in steel and give you an idea of costs and timeframes. Simply contact us for more information.

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