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Rammed Earth Walls and Construction

Image credits:  Earth Structures Group a rammed earth construction company


The homes made of rammed earth Australia offer comprehensive protection from the impact of environmental elements. They are highly resistant to fire, pests, moisture, and brittleness. They can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Moreover, the rammed earth house cost is the minimal and affordable when compared to the other materials.

What Is Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is the blend of sand, clay, and gravel with optional cement and other stabilizing elements. The mixture is rammed to form large solid structures and blocks for the purpose of construction. Adding of colouring pigments can help in creating attractive designs and patterns. They are extensively used for the design and construction of low-cost homes.

Rammed Earth House Plans – Sophisticated Features

You can create the most eco-friendly rammed earth house plans which connect the interiors to the exterior spaces. You can construct walls, rammed earth floor, roofs, retaining walls, fencing, window opening, and other architectural elements with rammed earth.

Colour Effects: The rammed earth mixture can blend into a vast range of colour pigments before the formwork. You can control the intensity of brightness or darkness and colour combinations accurately. They are more stable than exterior paints and last for decades without fading.

Designer Formwork: The formwork design for the cement stabilized rammed earth can be customized according to your specific needs. It can be square, rectangle, arch shape, or any other which your architect may recommend.

Load Bearing: The rammed earth mixture can take large loads after formwork and installation. Hence, you can use it for foundations for earth constructions (Adobe), walls, and floors. By blending it with cement, you can make it strong like concrete. It can endure the large loads of architectural structures, roofs, beams, and other structural elements. The stress capacity of the rammed earth is appreciable for hoses with one or two floors over the ground floor.

Thermal Protection: Rammed earth walls Melbourne can absorb heat from the external environment, preserve, and release it gradually when the temperature decreases. Hence, it provides warmth to your home interiors during winter nights. Various research works from rammed earth Sydney to rammed earth UK have practically proven it. You can find more information from the rammed earth wall construction PDF.

Textured Finishing: The rammed earth Willunga formwork can produce highly textured finishing for the walls and floors. Using the pneumatic tamping methods, it is possible to create the texture according to your customized needs.

Environment Friendliness: Rammed earth national uses the eco-friendly mixture of gravel, clay, and sand with chemical-free colour pigments. Hence, the carbon emission is near to zero. It is free from every type of toxic element which may otherwise create pollution.

Facade Options: The rammed earth roof in your home can have the sophisticated facade with good combinations of colour tones. Shaping the joints to allow natural light into your home can reduce energy consumption during the day for lighting and heating.

Open Gardens: The Maleny rammed earth roof can be a good place for open roof gardens on which you can grow flower plants, bonsai fruit trees, and grass easily. You need to take the adequate measures for draining the water away from the roof through drainage pipes.

Cool Bathroom: The rammed earth bathroom walls and floors can keep the temperature down during summers and warm during winters. The heat absorption and slow radiation properties of the material can keep your bathroom temperature under controlled conditions.

Economical Cost: The rammed earth cost per square metre is highly economical and affordable. Hence, you can construct reasonably large and aesthetically attractive homes at low costs. If you see the list of rammed earth houses for sale, the difference in cost becomes clear.

Rammed Earth Formwork for Sale – Stylish Constructions

You can find the rammed earth formwork for sale with the multitude of shapes and materials. Wood, steel, and aluminium are some of the most commonly sued materials. If you don’t want to buy, it is possible to create a DIY rammed earth formwork and use them.

Rammed Earth House for Sale – Affordable and Attractive

The architectural design of the rammed earth house for sale in Australia is highly sophisticated and attractive. At the same time, they are affordable due to the low-cost structures and the economical rammed earth homes cost per square foot. You can find them built amidst green gardens, next to pools, and also on the countryside. If you want to learn about the various architectural designs, the rammed earth construction PDF can be very helpful.

Rammed Earth Homes Pros and Cons


  1. Eco-friendly construction
  2. Reusable construction material
  3. Keeps home cool during hot days and warm during cold nights
  4. Custom designs and the vast range of colour combinations
  5. Easy and faster formworks


  1. Usage limited to homes with one or two floors
  2. Reinforcement needs can be high
  3. Limited soil selection options


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