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Types of Constructions

There have been a lot of developments in the Construction sector, with newer, better and faster ways of constructions coming up. Apart from the traditional methods, a host of new techniques using better materials and quicker means are steadily catching up with the construction sector. Let’s get to know a few of these:

Concrete frame construction:
This is the most common type of construction we’re all pretty familiar with. A concrete slab is built, and this slab is given support by other materials which can vary from builder to builder. These materials include bricks, aluminium, glass or any other material that may be desired.

Timber framed construction:
This form is becoming increasingly in the United States and some parts of Europe. It’s because timber-framed buildings are easy to set up and can be done by anyone who has a sound knowledge of carpentry. Also, these homes are flexible enough and can be given any desired shape. Also, they are quicker to construct than the traditional method. The only drawback is that they are not fire proof and are easily combustible because of the extensive use of timber.

Pre-engineered buildings:
These buildings are not built at the site. They are created somewhere else and then shipped to the desired place and planted there. Mostly use by industries and warehouses as pre-engineered buildings are pretty economical and quicker to set up. Primarily materials like steel and other metals are utilised for pre-engineered buildings, as they are lighter and more convenient to transport.

Bamboo Construction:
Probably the most eco-friendly method of construction, Bamboo construction is used mostly to build bridges, shacks and even houses. Bamboo has an impressive compressive and tensile strength and proves to be quite a competition to other commonly used materials in construction. It had been used since ages in ancient times and is coming back in vogue again. Also, bamboo constructions give a very earthy look, which is why many resorts and holiday homes try to include some bamboo architecture.

Steel frame construction:
Mild Steel is used for the steel framed structure. And no, this steel is not “mild”. It is strong enough that one bar of mild steel can sustain a weight of 20,000 kg. And even under immense pressure, it does not crack, it slowly bends. These properties make mild steel eligible to be used extensively in the construction, where strength and durability play an essential role.